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Ceypetco Aviation

Ceypetco-Aviation of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation has a monopoly in Aviation fuel handling in Sri Lanka provides round the clock aviation refuelling services at Bandaranaike International Airport (IATA: CMB, ICAO: VCBI) Katunayake and Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (IATA: HRI, ICAO: VCRI),Hambantota in down south. Refueling clean & dry Aviation Fuels, on latest specifications to the right aircraft & right time economically safely & environmental friendly is the main task of ceypetco aviation.

Domestic flights, Cooperate & Executive Jets and some nominated foreign military aircraft are provided with refuelling services at Colombo Airport, Ratmalana (IATA: RML, ICAO: VCCC) and it is a daytime operation. Aviation Fuel cleanliness and freedom from contamination is the most important consideration for modern aircraft since it directly affects aircraft engine life & aircraft safety and influences maintenance cost. Therefore, quality control and maintenance is one of the most important aspects in aviation fuel handling. Aviation Jet fuel is produced at the Ceypetco refinery according to the latest specification checklist under Aviation Fuel Quality Requirements for Jointly Operated Systems AFQRJOS. The deficit as per the predicted demand is directly imported from other countries. Current demand is 1.3 million liters a day.

Our Aim

 To be the Best Service oriented, customer, & Environmental Friendly Modern Petroleum based aviation fuel supplier in the region.


 JET A-1 and AV GAS is available in all three locations and is supplied to the following specifications
Jet A-1

Aviation Fuel Quality Requirements for Jointly Operated System (AFQRJOS) latest issue which embodies the requirements of the following two specifications

a. British ministry of defence standard DEF STAN 91-91 latest issue for Turbine Fuel, Kerosene Type, Jet A-1, NATO Code F-35 , Joint Service Designation AVTUR
b. ASTM Standard Specification D 1655 – latest issue for Aviation Turbine Fuels ” Jet A-1″ Readily available

Aviation Gasoline 100LL

a. British ministry of defense standard DEF STAN 91-90 latest issue Available on prior notice in two hundred liter drums

Current Technical Service Provider


CEYPETCO Aviation – Katunayaka

  • Hydrant fuelling
  • Refueller refueling (over wing /under wing fuelling)
Storage Capacity
  • JET A-1 – Three Tank 2.6 Million Liter Each
  • Av gas – 200 liter sealed drums
Actg. Manager (Aviation – Operations)

Tel: +94 11 5855412 / +94 11 2253039
Mobile: +94 77 1066764
Facsimile: +94 11 2252331

Operations Department

Tel: +94 11 5756955
Facsimile: +94 11 2252331


CEYPETCO Aviation – Mattala

  • Hydrant fuelling
  • Refueller refueling (over wing /under wing fuelling)
Storage Capacity
  • JET A-1 – Three Tank 1.0 Million Liter Each
  • Av gas – 200 liter sealed drums
Assistant Manager (Aviation- Operations)

Tel: +94 47 2031946
Facsimile: +94 47 2031949

Operations Department

Tel: +94 47 5678343 , 47 2031945, 47 2031947
Facsimile: +94 47 2031949


CEYPETCO Aviation – Ratmalana

  • Refueller refueling (over wing /under wing fuelling)
Storage Capacity
  • JET A-1 – Five Tanks with total capacity of 280,000 liter
  • Av gas – 200 liter sealed drums
Shift Superintendent

Tel: +94 11 2637755, 11 5664707


Commercial Function

Commercial Manager

Tel: +94 11 5666584, 11 5664649
Facsimile: +94 11 5455400

Finance Function

Accountant (Aviation)

Tel: +94 11 5455191, 11 5666798
Facsimile: +94 11 5455416



(H. E. President)

Maithripala Sirisena [President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka]


(Hon. Minister)

Advocate Chandima Weerakkody [Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development]


(Hon. Deputy Minister)

Dr. Anoma Gamage [Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development]


(Chairman CPC)

Prof. Monish Gunawardana

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