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About Us

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation was set up as a state enterprise by Act. No.28 of 1961 in Parliament and further amendments carried out subsequently.

The main objectives of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation are the following:

To carry on business as an importer, exporter, seller, supplier and distributor of Petroleum products.

To carry on business of exploring for the exploiting, producing, and refining of Petroleum and to carry on any such business as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives.


To be a sustainable entity in the petroleum and related industries; pioneer new opportunities and deliver value to our stakeholders.


Competitiveness : Strive to be a market leader by procuring and supplying petroleum and related products at competitive prices.
Sustainability : Be a financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable business that places emphasis in long run gains.
Continuous Improvement : Drive growth through continuous improvement of process and people. Always monitor the Corporation’s growth for potential areas of improvement.
Integrity :Integrity : Act in a reliable manner ensuring the Corporation’s best interest at all times.
Public Focus : Aim to support the growth of the country.

Year Description
1962 The Corporation commenced business in competition with other Oil Companies who were operating in the country at that time.
1964 The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation took over the entire business of import, sale and distribution of petroleum products within the country.
The Kolonnawa Oil Installation, regional bulk depots and retail outlets which operated under three different oil companies prior to nationalization was subject to several transformations and improvements of their facilities to perform its operations as one entity. Since then, new bulk depots / retail outlets were constructed and storage capacity of Kolonnawa Installation & regional depots were increased. A Fire & Safety Division was set up in Kolonnawa Installation with the introduction of a new fire hydrant systems and the internal road network was improved to facilitate operational and maintenance activities. The gantry filling facility was improved to suit replenishment of large capacity bowsers introduced in mid 90’s.
1968 To ensure regular supplies and conserve foreign exchange, the Corporation built a 38,000 BPD Refinery at a cost of Rs. 175 Million
1969 The refinery commenced production. The refining capacity was subsequently increased to 50,000 BPD by increasing the crude distiller capacity in 1979. Another important project that was completed in the same year was the installation of Lubricating Oil Blending Plant at the Kolonnawa Installation. The Corporation entered in to the Agrochemical business in competition with the private sector, with a view to market agro chemicals at competitive prices.
1971 The Bunkering operations at the Ports and Aviation Re-fuelling activities were integrated in to the Corporation by further amendments to the CPC Act.
1978 The Corporation built a factory to manufacture Nylon 6 yarn for textile, tires & finishing industries at a cost of Rs. 603 Million.
1987 In order to reduce freight on crude oil and to meet the development plans of the Colombo port, a Single Point Buoy Mooring (SPBM) facility was installed 9.2 Kilo metres off shore Colombo Port. The project was commissioned in 1987 together with an intermediate crude oil storage tank farm at Orugodawatte at a total cost of Rs.1,764 Million.
1992 The Corporation took further steps to modernize the Refinery and increase its efficiency by revamping the crude distiller unit in 1992 at a cost of Rs. 250 Million.

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