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Ceypetco Agro Chemicals

Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) established an Agrochemicals Function in 1969. CPC has been rendered unblemished service in the Agrochemicals Market over 50 years as a strategic Business Unit in the Ceypetco Marketing Function.

Ceypetco Agrochemicals Function is the only government sector organization which has been engaged in Agrochemicals business among other Agrochemicals Marketing Companies. It has been awarded International Organization for Standards (ISO) Certification, ie; 9001:2015 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001:2015, (Environment Management System) and qualified for ISO 18001:2007 (Employee Health & Safety (OSHAS) since 2019 Agrochemical business under the guidance given by Sri Lankan Standards Institution and our well qualified and experienced Staff is always dedicated to maintain high quality of our product range.

Ceypetco Agrochemicals Function has been devoted to provide an effective solutions to farm land from preparation beds until harvest crops by totally controlling or eradicating pets, Fungus and weeds in the cultivation. Therefore, the following range of agrochemicals to provide to Farmers to prosper their cultivation.

By following the newly introduced Green Agriculture concept by the government, Ceypetco Agro has planning introduce world No. 01 New Bio-Pesticides- Flipper in 2022.

Our primary goal is to establish and strengthen our existing marketing strategy is to specializing to ensure that our product price are most reasonable and continually maintain high quality than the competitive companies.

Ceypetco Agrochemical leads to give rest for farmers mind for more than 50 years as a Government Institution. Therefore, Ceypetco Agrochemicals act as a price controller in the Agrochemicals Market. The real example is that we import Weedicide “Ceypetco Glyphosate” and distribute under the restricted condition among engaged recommended planters for reasonable price and aiming to reduce the cost of production in the Tea & Rubber Plantation Sector as a national task since December 2018.

We import quality Agrochemicals, formulate, repacking, store and market them and resolve various obstacles of safely use of Agrochemicals by keeping cordial relationship with the Registrar of Pesticides, Department of Agriculture with the main Agricultural Institutions.

We continually provide current guidance to sellers, Farmers Organization, Agrarian Service Centers and all other intermediaries according to the instruction given by our Management.

Ceypetco Agrochemicals products have become an important intermediate input for farmers which always give rest for their mind and always preserved farmer’s confidence. After adding new automated production machine in to the production process, there are an ability to produce defects free quality Agrochemical products to the market, hence competitive advantage is already acquired by us.

Ceypetco Management gives higher attention for Agrochemicals Staff, thereby provision of health care Including H.S.E practices, provide all health care facilities, and maintain good working environment to enable to uplift efficiency of both officers and staff.

Ceypetco Agrochemicals Function has been fulfilling organizational objectives as a strategic business unit of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, hence resumed goodwill among the farming communities. The following Ceypetco Agrochemicals products now available for reasonable prices in the Sri Lankan Agrochemicals market.

Ceypetco Agro Chemicals






Profenophos 50% EC

Diuron 80% WP


Tebuconazole25% EW


B.P.M.C. 50% EC

Pretilachlor 30% EC

Mancozeb 80% WP

Fipronil 0.3% G

Glyphosate 36% SL


Captan 50% WP

Fipronil 50g/l SC

Sulpuhr 80% WG

Imidacloprid 200g/l SC

Our Business Strategy is to provide high quality agrochemicals for reasonable price.to farming community and on time delivery to required places. We have been employed professionally qualified team (Field officers scattered around the Island) always tend to fulfil the Farming Community needs.