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Local Supplier Registration

Please send duly filled applications through online facility given in CPC http://ceypetco.gov.lk or email local.refmat@gmail.com.

Those who cannot send by online facility or email may send filled applications under registered cover marked “RLS – 2022” on the top left hand corner before 2022-02-11 to Manager (Materials), Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, Refinery Division, P. O. Box 11, Kelaniya.


  1. Registration of suppliers is done free of charge. However suppliers should get registration only for item categories that can be competitively supplied by them with proper quality and timely delivery etc. The suppliers those who register for any item category that cannot be supplied by them may result in removing such suppliers completely from all categories of the register.
  2. The bidders those who are not sending offers or do not comply with orders placed with them will be blacklisted.

Tender Conditions

Quotations for supplies will usually be called from the list of registered suppliers, but we reserve the right to call for quotations from other suppliers as well.

Applications from suppliers who have defaulted / suspended / blacklisted will not be entertained.

Suppliers who fail to quote when requested or fail to make delivery in time, or supply items not in conformity with the given specifications may be struck off the register without prior notice.

Applications that do not confirm to the above requirements will be rejected.


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